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Preventative health care

Prevention is always better than cure. At Selwyn Veterinary Centre we aim to prevent disease and promote good health.

We promote routine vaccinations in dogs, cats and rabbits.

Important infectious diseases your dog can be protected against in NZ include – Parvovirus, Distemper, Infectious canine hepatitis, Leptospirosis and kennel cough.

Diseases your cat can be protected against in NZ include – Feline panleukopaenia, Cat flu (feline respiratory disease), FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) and FeLV (Feline Leukaemia).

Rabbits should also be vaccinated against Rabbit Calicivirus (Viral haemorrhagic disease), which is a highly infectious and mostly fatal disease.

Vaccination and immunity is widely researched – protocols and vaccines are constantly updated. Our vets will be able to advise you on the best vaccination type and regime to suit your pets’ needs.

Preventative health care includes regular worming, flea, tick and mite prevention, come speak to our lovely staff and we’ll be able to advise you on which product best suits your pet.

Routine Health Care

In addition to vaccinations, it is prudent that your pet is checked by a veterinarian regularly. An annual health check is a good place to start. Let your vet know if there have been any changes in your pet’s behaviour, demeanour, exercise, thirst or appetite, and the check also provides a great opportunity to ask any questions about your pet and we’ll endeavour to answer them for you. Your pet will get a full physical examination and the vet will discuss any queries or issues we may encounter.

Call us now on 03 347 7419 for a booking.

Medicine & Surgery

Nick and Yolande has accrued vast experience in small animal, rabbit, rodent and avian medicine. If you have a concern about your pet, we will guide and inform you throughout the diagnosis and treatment process.

At Selwyn Veterinary Centre we have a range of diagnostic facilities for rapid and accurate diagnostics such as in-house blood testing, digital xray (radiology), ultrasound and in-house clinical pathology.

Our experience and extensive range of modern equipment aim to provide you with fast, efficient medical diagnoses enabling us to treat your pet’s condition accurately and promptly.

We also have a range of supportive and monitoring equipment such as an infant incubator, ECG machine and fluid pumps to optimise your pet’s treatment here at Selwyn Vet Centre.

Our friendly and caring staff are qualified and trained to nurse your pet through their conditions and provide ongoing monitoring.

Nick and Yolande are also very both very experienced and capable surgeons. We perform both soft tissue and orthopaedic surgeries here at Selwyn Veterinary Centre.

Puppy Preschool

Here are Selwyn Veterinary Centre, puppy preschools are one of our most popular services. Puppy preschool is designed for puppies aged between 8 and 16 weeks old who have started their vaccination program. These classes aim to provide owners with the basic skills to train their puppy and provides puppies with the opportunity to socialise while learning how to behave with other dogs.

It is fun and informative for the whole family.

Puppy preschool runs once a week for 3 weeks from 6:30pm to around 7:30 pm.

Call us on 03 347 7419 for more information and make a booking.

Behaviour consults

If you are concerned about your pet’s behaviour or if you want to change a certain behaviour they are exhibiting, it is always recommended that you see a vet first. It is prudent to have your pet checked thoroughly first by a vet and the vet will be able to discuss your concerns.

Our vets and our nurse manager Courtneay are qualified to advise you on animal behaviour and training.

Call us on 03 347 7419 for more information.

Regular ECGs, cardiac ultrasound and blood pressure monitoring

For patients with heart disease or hypertension, like humans it is prudent to monitor the heart condition on an ongoing basis. Here at Selwyn Veterinary Centre we can provide this service safe and accurately. The best thing is most of our patients do not need sedation for these monitoring procedures.


Selwyn Veterinary Centre have a range of specialist contacts to whom we may refer patients to for further specialist treatments and diagnostics. They include and are not limited to veterinary CT scans, MRI, ultrasonographers, radiologists, ophthalmologists, behaviourists, nutritionist and dermatologist.


We are happy to help with wildlife enquiries. Both Nick and Yolande are very enthusiastic about wildlife conservation and welfare.

Please remember the best thing to do with baby birds is to leave them for their parents to come find them, lock up your cats and dogs for the mean time.

Injured wildlife will require veterinary attention, please feel free to call us on 03 347 7419 or come in with details about the exact location they were found.

Additional helpful contact is the South Island Wildlife Hospital, contact number: 022 106 0170